Composr Tutorial: International support communities

Written by Chris Graham (ocProducts)
There is a commercial opportunity for individuals or organisations that want to take responsibility for the translation and support of Composr in their native language.

(For details on how Composr translation works, see the Localisation and internationalisation tutorial)

Th process works like this:
  1. Join the translation team on Transifex
  2. Ensure all urgent and high priority strings have been translated (this is a big job, it may take around 2 weeks of man hours)
  3. Send a partnership request telling us:
    • which language you've finished translating
    • your Transifex username
    • your username (if you're not logged in)
    • that you'd like to take responsibility for support the language
    • provide a link to this tutorial, to clarify to us that you're going through this official process
  4. We'll then:
    • create a subforum of the Translation forum
    • make you a moderator of this forum
    • create a pinned topic on the forum saying who you are (you'll have access to edit it)
    • download the strings from Transifex, do some basic testing, and publish a translation addon
    • set up an offical subdomain that points to your forum
  5. List yourselves on the partner directory so people know what services you provide
  6. Optionally create your own support site, and tell us to point the subdomain to that instead

As a privilege of maintaining the translation and doing basic support, you'll be able to:
  • openly advertise your services under your own subforum
  • directly advertise your services through your support site under an official subdomain
  • receive the prestige of being an official recognised partner
  • ask the developers to post a short message and/or link on the official Composr Twitter or Facebook up to once a month

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